Challenge #3 Voting!

It's late and i apologise but here they are 15 great icons this week

* Vote 3 icons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. There will also be a Mod's Choice winner
*Post your votes in a comment
*Don't vote for yourself (it won't count)
*Don't vote more than once on different accounts
*Voting closes Wednesday 22nd August 9pm GMT

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No challenge this week since im moving soon and wont have any internet access for a while. I'll be back asap. If anyone wants to take over from em for a while let me know in a comment to this entry

Happy Voting!

Challenge #3!

Challenge #3 is Cybil (with a C) Waingrow from 300 Miles to Graceland

*Enter up to five icons this time
*Don't use them anywhere else until the winners have been announced
*Use only the caps provided
*Entries should include img src tags and urls (this is shown in the rules in userinfo)
*No animation or text-based icons
*Challenge closes at 12am GMT Friday 17th August

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Challenge #2 Reminder!

Challenge #2 ends tomorrow and we only have 3 entries so far so i'm gunna enter to push up the numbers.

enter here

I'm going to be moving away in the next few weeks and whjile i settle into my new place i'm not gunna have much access to the internet so i need someone to take over from me for a week or two. If you're interested reply to this comment with your email address and i'll contact you. Comments will be screened.